Tributes to Dr. Madeleine Leininger

On August 10th, 2012, Dr. Madeleine Leininger passed away at her home in Omaha, Nebraska.

Please take this opportunity to add your own personal message celebrating the life of Dr. Leininger. This tribute page will be kept online and then transferred to a permanent online record celebrating her life.

Transcultural Nurses' Prayer
by Dr. Madeleine Leininger

Divine spiritual master, help us to make transcultural nursing care meaningful and relevant to those served worldwide. Help nurses to facilitate transcultural understanding, peace, healing, and love among people of diverse and similar cultures in the world. Where there is hatred, fear, prejudice, racism, or violence, help nurses to lessen or remove these barriers through the use of transcultural caring knowledge and skills. In all of our endeavors, let nurses be guided by knowledge reflecting transcultural sensitivities, compassion, understanding, and other differential caring skills to promote holistic healing of cultural wounds, pain, or human suffering. We are, indeed, grateful that you fashioned the universe with diversities so that we could come to your creative design in nature, and in different environmental contexts. For these gifts we are most grateful, but we need your continued help so that the full meaning, goals, and practices of transcultural nursing will be realized for your glory and for the benefit of all beings worldwide.

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Date: 2-6-2014 Author: April Ortega
City: Puerto Princesa City
State or Province: Palawan
Country: Philippines

Dr. Madeleine in our Island your theory will live on. We are teaching, practicing and doing research base on your concept. Only your flesh leave this world but not your teachings. I will pray for your soul.

Date: 1-20-2014 Author: Rama Iyer
City: Atlanta
State or Province: Georgia
Country: USA

Dr. Leininger,
I am in first year of FNP-DNP program. I have started to research , and I am from a different culture and as I keep reading your work, I am more inspired. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet you in person. I know you are in spirit with us. Thank you ...

Date: 12-10-2013 Author: Sara Cano
City: Bel Alton
State or Province: MD - Maryland
Country: United States

I am a first year doctoral student. During my first nursing theory class, I learned about Dr Leininger's transcultural nursing theory. Though theory was part of my former BSN and MSN degrees, I did not immerse myself as much as I should have. Reading one of my theory textbooks, I came upon this theory. It was like the heavens have parted. My whole 25 yrs of practice was based on a theoretical framework I was unaware of. This theory will be my foundation for my dissertation project and the rest of my career as a practitioner, future scholar, and leader. Thank you for your hard work in bringing culture to the forefront of health care.

Date: 12-1-2013 Author: Elsi Dwi Hapsari
City: Yogyakarta
State or Province: Yogyakarta
Country: Indonesia

Her experience in education, theory and nursing practice is very inspiring.

Date: 11-28-2013 Author: Dana Stallings
City: Windsor
State or Province: VA
Country: USA

I am currently studying Dr. Madeleine Leininger in my undergraduate nursing theory course for my bachelor's degree in nursing. I was so sad to discover Dr. Leininger had passed away last year but I am so grateful to have discovered her work. Transcultural nursing will live on through the practice of millions of nurses worldwide. Thank you Dr. Leininger!

Date: 11-26-2013 Author: jaladi jagadeeswari
City: tirupathi
State or Province: andhrapredesh
Country: india

madam, iam a student of SVIMS university, studying 2nd year msc nursing. i want to know the applications of your theory and nursing process based on trans cultural theory.

Date: 11-3-2013 Author: Annette Moore
City: Peoria
State or Province: IL
Country: USA

I had the privledge to meet and assist Dr. Leininger as she graced our school with her prescence at Kramer School of Nursing/Oklahoma City University, Caring Across Cultures, I believe in October 2010. I delightful woman with a wonderful sense of humor. She will be missed and her work will live on forever!

Date: 9-16-2013 Author: Annette Hallett
City: Toledo
State or Province: OH
Country: United States

Dr. Leininger, your work will live on, influencing nurses and their practice for years to come. Your model has given more to the nursing profession than any other. God bless you!

Date: 8-14-2013 Author: Nanette Zunkel
City: Portland
State or Province: OR
Country: USA

I am in the third year of my Doctor in Nursing Practice program at the University of Portland. I will graduate in 2015 as a doctorate-prepared, Family Nurse practitioner (DNP-FNP). Your theory will serve as the foundation for my comprehensive exam. I thank you for your significant contributions to the nursing profession.

Date: 6-30-2013 Author: Megan
City: Abilene
State or Province: TX
Country: USA

Thank you, Dr. Leininger for all of your hard work. My prayers are with you.

Date: 6-21-2013 Author: Dayal
City: Toronto
State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada

I really admire your work and contribution to the nursing profession.

I loved it when you added in your theory that CARE is human need.. true very true!!

we all wan to be loved and cared all through our life time..


Date: 6-10-2013 Author: Stephanie Allen
City: Jacksonville
State or Province: FL
Country: USA

A true inspiration

Date: 6-6-2013 Author: Wendy C Jennings
City: Converse
State or Province: TX
Country: United States


Date: 5-3-2013 Author: Monie Nuckles
City: Ballinger
State or Province: Texas
Country: USA

I had the honor of speaking with Dr. Leininger by phone while working on my MSN. I was writing a paper about her Transcultural Theory of Nursing and was so pleasantly surprised when I was actually able to speak with her. This was in 2005.

She was a nurse who lived her life inspired by others and their cultural diversity; nursing surely has lost one of our best. What a gracious person she was.

I now facilitate MSN classes online and my work assisting my students is my personal heartfelt tribute to you Dr. Leininger.

Date: 4-9-2013 Author: Houria
City: Montreal
State or Province: Québec
Country: Canada

You will always be for me a model. And I wish I'll be such a good nurse as you were, so special. I think that your points of view, your philosophy and your paradigm are so unique and so important if we want to be a good nurse. The big family of nurses around the world will never forget you. THANK YOU.

Date: 11-29-2012 Author: Sobby Biju
City: Amityville
State or Province: NY
Country: USA

I am really inspired about your theory and I discussed about your theory to provide better understanding about the importance of other culture and also how to take care of the patients with in their culture. You provide informations about the significance of holistic nursing care to help the patients and their families in their sufferings. I got an opportunity to learn about your theory in my classes.
My heartfelt tribute to you Madeleine.

Date: 11-19-2012 Author: Anna Angel
City: Toledo
State or Province: Toledo
Country: Spain

Thank you for showing me the real work in nursing.

Date: 11-7-2012 Author: Jose v philip
City: Rome
State or Province: Rome
Country: Italy

Two years ago I heard her by telephone. How nice she was .....I would like to pay tribute to her.

Date: 11-5-2012 Author: Connie Stumbaugh, RN, BSN
City: Valparaiso
State or Province: Florida
Country: USA

You will live on through the hearts of all nurses throughout the world, especially mine. I practice transcultural nursing the best way I know how through your teaching. God Bless You!

Date: 10-25-2012 Author: Mary Nicole Fox
City: New Port Richey
State or Province: FL
Country: USA

You are loving remembered today. Your theory has forever changed nursing and nurses...thank you!

Date: 10-21-2012 Author: Milphy Siju
City: Hicksville
State or Province: NY
Country: United States

I learned about you in my nursing program. I was very fascinated by your work and understanding of different cultures. I truly appreciate your dedication! You will be remembered by every nurse and will talk about you with great respect. May your soul rest in peace.

Date: 9-26-2012 Author: Kathleen Valentine
City: Deerfield Beach
State or Province: Fl
Country: USA

I will miss you Dr. Leininger-- what a legacy of love and scholarship you have left to the world. Thank you for being a mentor and friend. Your support launched and sustained my interest in human caring. With Deep Appreciation.

Date: 9-22-2012 Author: Olga Beatriz Caballero
City: Misiones
State or Province: Argentina
Country: Garupá

As a child I practiced injecting cures made ​​flat, glycemic corrections ... of course, did not know the terms ... but over time I of nursing my passion ... and i was happy to learn from his writings Dr. Madeleine ... I'm sad, but know that you care about my culture ... I know I'll see you soon again ... and I hope to meet you personally.

Date: 9-21-2012 Author: ine Bertens
City: Berkel-enschot
State or Province: Noord Brabant
Country: The Netherlands

Dear Madeleine.

You still are an inspiration when I can teach nurses on trans cultural care.

I have very warm memories when you visit us in Holland and when we came to Utah for the 25 th anniversary . Rest in peace Love INE

Date: 9-20-2012 Author: Marta Rivero- Méndez
City: Levittown
State or Province: Puerto Rico
Country: Puerto Rico

Madeline, was our visiting professor several years ago. She asked me to take her arround the Island in Puerto Rico. I was so impressed with her, she wanted to know everything from the cities we visited such as the history, name of the flowers, costums and foods. She enjoyed typical candies and food. I felt so relax in her presence.... My respect to her and her family...Thanks

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